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Service Tiers - Professional Language Editing Service

  • Level of Editing

  • ProofreadingProofreading
  • Regular EditingRegular Editing
  • Advanced EditingAdvanced Editing
  • Premium EditingPremium Editing
  • Description

  • ProofreadingCorrecting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. This level of editing does not involve improving the overall structure or content of the document.
  • Regular EditingIncludes proofreading and basic editing to improve sentence structure, clarity, and readability.
  • Advanced EditingIncludes regular editing and focuses on improving the flow and coherence of the document. The editor may also provide suggestions for reorganizing sections of the document.
  • Premium EditingIncludes advanced editing and provides additional support for non-native English speakers, such as help with idiomatic expressions and phrasing.
  • Start Price

  • $

    Per Word

  • Proofreading$0.030
  • Regular Editing$0.050
  • Advanced Editing$0.070
  • Premium Editing$0.08