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Refund Policy
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All electronically issued services offer quality assurance. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, simply write to us within reasonable time asking for rework of the service rendered to you (refer to the quality guarantee on our business website). If the quality delivered fell short of the service promise, we will rework the assignment for free.

Clients agree to resolve any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding the quality of delivered services by submitting a written request, either by email or the online account. This request must specifically outline all questions and concerns about possible editorial errors or omissions so that our experts may clearly address, respond to, and/or correct any areas of concern on the client’s behalf as quickly and professionally as possible. Rework requests are applicable only to the original text and will be carried out according to the assignment’s original written instructions. Some potential refund scenarios are provided below as a reference only.

No cancellation requests will be accepted for confirmed orders.