Language editing

We offer, English Language Editing, Scientific Editing, Manuscript Formatting, Figure Service, and Technical Writing. The quality of language in the documents edited by Sofia Fields will meet the standards required by the international publishing industry. A language editing certificate is provided free of cost upon request.


We offer typesetting services and produce PDF, HTML, and full-text JATS XML articles simultaneously from original DOCX or LaTeX manuscripts. You can choose from Basic PDF conversion to other formats to suit your needs and budget.

Digital Design

We design ideas that build brands build and interactive web experiences that bring brands to life and add depth to their stories. We work alongside our customers throughout the entire process, identifying their needs at the outset and defining functionalities until the product is complete. Our aim is to deliver a tailored result.

Scientific Event Management

We host lectures, webinars and symposiums on demand. Our technical team offers A to Z solutions including a dedicated conference website, abstract submission, sponsors' virtual booths and streaming service.

Translation services

We provide translation services from and to the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, French and arabic

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